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Consultants in Nuclear Medicine has two separate websites, each of which offers a maximum of 78 CEUs of accredited continuing education credit This site is for

  • Nuclear Medicine, PET  and Radiology Technologists. The VOICE program of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) has reviewed this program and approved it for a maximum of 78 continuing education hours. Because these tutorials have been approved by the VOICE Program, they are accepted for CE credit in all 50 states and by ARRT and NMTCB, even if you are not a VOICE/SNMMI member.
  • Radiation Physicists. All 78.0 CEUs have been approved by CAMPEP and endorsed by the AAPM for Medical Physics Continuing Education Credits.
  • Physicians requiring CME Credits to maintain IAC Accreditation. All 78.0 CME Credits have been approved by the IAC and are listed on the resources page of their website.
    iac This site is for

  • Nuclear pharmacists and  pharmacists. 
  • Nuclear pharmacy technicians


Consultants in Nuclear Medicine has received approval from the Boards of Pharmacy in  FL, MA, MN, NJ, NY, and PA for 33 tutorials on our website at http://www.nucpharmtutorials. Total CE Credit available: 51.0 CEUs. Applications are pending in other states and we will update the website as approvals are received. Upon completion of tutorial(s), you will receive a certificate of completion by e-mail.

If you practice in Florida, your credits will be uploaded to the website, usually within hours of completion of the tutorial(s).


Consultants in Nuclear Medicine has created 46 on-line tutorials for Nuclear Medicine and Radiology Technologists as well as students preparing for certification exams. Because these tutorials have been approved by the VOICE Program, they are accepted for CE Credit in all 50 states and by ARRT and NMTCB, even if you are not a VOICE/SNMMI member.

Please note that approval by the VOICE Program is the only approval accepted by the State of California. 

For California Technologists: to see a list of all tutorials and their designated scopes, please visit THIS LINK  California Technologists.

These tutorials cover the general topics of Imaging, Non-Imaging, Radionuclide Therapy, and Radiopharmacy, and are designed to enable you to easily receive the continuing education credits you need to maintain your license.

If a tutorial awards 1 CEU, The charge is $20.00.
If a tutorial awards 2 CEU, The charge is $30.00.
If a tutorial awards 3 CEU, The charge is $40.00.

Please feel free to review the tutorials as often as you wish. The test may be taken once; if a score <80% is obtained, then the test may be retaken once. If the score is still <80%, please contact Dr. Karesh, Tutorials Coordinator, by e-mail at or by telephone at 773 802-7617 for further instructions.

Please note- For those of you wishing to earn CE Credit:
If you take the test as a practice test, that counts as an attempt to pass the test. You cannot take the practice test multiple times and then receive CE credit. 
You may, however, review the tutorial as often as you wish.

Once we have received your test score-sheets (which happens automatically every time you take the test) and your payment, we will do the following, usually within 24 hours:

  • E-mail a downloadable, printable certificate to you
  • Send a signed original certificate to you by US Mail
  • Effective December 1, 2014, all members of the SNMMI will have to self-report their CE Credits on the SNMMI Website (; I will no longer be able to report the credits for you. If you provide us with a SNMMI membership number, we will automatically send detailed self-reporting instructions to you along with your CE Credit Certificate. If you have any problems with the new self-reporting system, please contact the VOICE Coordinator directly at 703 708-9000.

Please follow the directions listed on the summary quiz page of each tutorial.

If you wish to pay on-line, we have links to a PayPal Shopping Cart. You do NOT need to be a PayPal member to use this secure service and may pay using a major credit card.

If you wish to pay by check, once you have taken all desired tests for the current CE Credit cycle, please send your check for the appropriate amount to:

Consultants in Nuclear Medicine
2910 W. Estes Avenue
Chicago, IL 60645-2394

If you wish to pay via telephone using a credit card, please feel free to contact Tutorials Coordinator Dr. Stephen Karesh by telephone at 773 802-7617.