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CNM On-line Tutorials

There are 41 tutorials on our website at www.nucmedtutorials.com, each of which contains a self-grading test. The tutorials are free to use for students preparing for a board certification examination. Each test may be taken a maximum of three times. No CE Credit is available for students.

CNM Lecture Notes and Practice Exam / Answer Key

We offer a very comprehensive set of lecture notes on Nuclear Medicine Basic Science. They are in PDF or PPT format and contain ~ 2,500 slides. In addition, we offer a very comprehensive practice examination containing hundreds of questions with a very detailed answer key. They may be purchased individually or at a discount as a package deal.  There is no charge to take our practice examination on Radiation Physics, Radiopharmacy and Basic Nuclear Medicine Science. A detailed answer key is available for purchase.

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CNM Online Self Grading Tests Covering The Basic Science of Nuclear Medicine

Consultants in Nuclear Medicine has prepared a collection of five on-line tests containing almost 450 multiple choice questions. These tests have been designed to significantly enhance your level of knowledge of NM Basic Science and to prepare you for the Board Certification Examination. Some of these learning tools are free, and others are very reasonably priced. Overall, they represent a wealth of information.

  • There are 4 on-line tests covering Nuclear Medicine Basic Science, with special emphasis on NRC regs & Hot Lab QC. Each test contains 100 questions in multiple choice format and each self-grading test may be taken on-line up to three times per student. The tests are available 24/7/365. There is minimal overlap on questions on the 4 tests.
  • There is 1 on-line test covering Mathematical Problem Solving. This challenging test covers Attenuation of Radiation, Radioactive Decay, Inverse Square Law, and other pertinent math-related topics. It contains 35 questions in multiple choice format and the self-grading test may be taken on-line up to three times per student. The test is available 24/7/365.

The introductory price per student is only $45.00. Everything listed above is included. We are proud to bring these educational opportunities to your attention. CNM is very confident of the quality and comprehensiveness of our courses and hope that you will be able to participate.

If you need additional information,  please don’t hesitate to call me at (773) 802-7617 or to send E-mail to me at nucmedconsultants@comcast.net.

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